Cahors Espanola Site Girona CAHORS ESPAÑOLA is the group’s first company abroad. In anticipation of growth prospects in the Spanish market, the Cahors group extended its expertise to the Iberian peninsula in 1970.

The company’s research and manufacturing facilities extend to over 51.000 m², of which 15.000 m² are dedicated solely to production. The company’s quality system gained the ISO 9001 certification in 1993 and the V2000 version in 2002.

CAHORS ESPAÑOLA produces its own glass-fibre composite material, using the GRP to manufacture several ranges of cabinets for the connection and metering of electricity, gas and water.

The company also produces accessories for Low Voltage insulated overhead distribution networks (ABC accessories).

Ctra. de Vilamalla, Km. 1
17469 Vilamalla (Girona)
Tél : +34 972 52 60 00
Fax : +34 972 52 60 60

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