Buildings and the Tertiary Sector

CAHORS extra services, a single point of contact for your building projects 

Urbanisation, industrialisation, digitalisation, and the growth of connected cities are all movements that encapsulate changes that affect our daily lives and prompt us to rethink how we live.

As such, the energy transition requires significantly reducing energy consumption, especially for building and the tertiary sector (businesses, commercial real estate, public buildings, hospitals, etc.) by eliminating waste. This requires an efficient electricity distribution network.

CAHORS supports each of its customers by providing a set of solutions for managing projects on their own, and we also offer solutions tailored to the customer’s needs: identification of MV/LV equipment and electricity distribution solutions within buildings. CAHORS also provides turnkey solutions for distributing Voice, Data, and Image content. 

For whatever your building project needs, CAHORS can deliver THE best overall solution.

CAHORS has in-depth expertise in how to accomplish your building project. As true partners, CAHORS sales teams will work with you from the design to the delivery of your equipment for electricity distribution.

With a tailored approach and constant contact with your technical teams, CAHORS can offer you a complete solution, including a MV/LV package (substation and/or components), high current and low current equipment (columns, floor distributors, connection and distribution boxes, IPTV solutions, VDI distribution, etc.), and charging terminals for electric vehicles. Recognised expertise for optimal efficiency!

A complete and tailored medium voltage, high current and low current solution.

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