Charging terminal – Public property


Charging terminals installed on public property, for local authority buildings (departments, regions, cities).

Main Features

The installation of charging terminals on public property is becoming mandatory to allow electric vehicle drivers to charge their vehicles when not at home or work. With higher powers, users can generally exceed their vehicle's daily range.

Cahors group offers two product lines to best meet recharging requirements on public property.

The CITY charging terminal up to 22 kW AC can recharge two electric and/or hybrid cars at the same time. It can function as a single or cluster installation with or without recharge energy management. When connecting on public property, the delivery point can be fully integrated inside the terminal.
This terminal is a car sharing solution that integrates the adapted cable in the charging point at your home.

FASTEO rapid charging terminal: up to 150 kW DC
The FASTEO charging terminal can charge up to 4 cars simultaneouly

  • 2 DC points : CCS connector and cable (max 100 kW) / CHAdeMO connector and cable (max 60 kW)
  • 2 AC points:   Type 2 connector and cable (max 43 kW) / Type 2 socket (max 22 kW)

Ultra Fast vehicle charging : in 1 H 300 kms with 50 kW version & 600 kms with 100 kW version.


CITY: the most flexible terminal on the market

  • Option to install 3 sockets per charging point and an attached cable
  • Option to integrate the PDL network connection point
  • Option to integrate a touch screen facilitating the customer process 
  • Painted aluminium terminal
  • Option to customise with stickers
  • Cahors group was a pioneer in the deployment of charging stations combining car sharing and third party charging (Grenoble)

FASTEO: ultra fast charger 4 in 1

  • 4 charging points available 
  • Terminal upgradable by adding poxer modules (12,5 kW)
  • Adapted to future electric service stations


  • Public area
  • Car sharing

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