MV/LV substation monitoring - Sentinel FRTU


Sentinel-FRTU (Feeder Remote Terminal Unit) / Centraliser of data for the remote monitoring of MV/LV transformer substations.

Main characteristics

Installed in MV/LV transformer substations, the Sentinel-FRTU centralises data and events collected in a power substation and sends this information remotely to a control IT  centre therefore:

  • Monitors the main components of a MV/LV substation
    • Fault passage indicators (FPI / FCI)
    • Substation environment
    • MV/LV transformer
    • Low voltage panel board
  • Collects the main LV electrical amounts
  • Monitors these amounts and generates alarms or events
  • Stores and timestamps these events and measures
  • Reproduces the alarms, measurements and events locally or remotely via a communication means (GSM/GPRS, Ethernet) to:
    • Field agents (receiving SMS alerts)
    • Operations managers (ex. on-call staff)
    • A remote computer system for analysis or monitoring

Key points:

  • Powered from the substation’s 230 Vac LV
  • Collects data from measurement units
  • Two groups of 4 digital inputs (door opening contact, water level, etc.)
  • Two PT1000 inputs for monitoring temperatures
  • Four communication ports
  • Onboard web server


  • Easy installation, on new structures and when retrofitting
  • Better perception of balance between loads and production
  • Integration of optimised renewable energy
  • Monitored quality of the distributed energy
  • Highlighted phase imbalances
  • Easy prioritisation of necessary network improvements


  • Private network and public distribution network
  • Any type of MV/LV substation can be monitored

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