Distributed generation management for smart grids - IControl-E


Distributed generation management for smart grids - IControl-E

Operating Information Exchange Device (DEIE) for the remote operation and remote monitoring of decentralised energy production facilities.

Main characteristics

The IControl-E (distributed production energy management) is installed in MV delivery substations. It provides the distributor operating and monitoring station with information about the status of a production and, if necessary, provides the manufacturer with permission, instructions and requests regarding the operation of the facility. Exchanges of operating information between the network operating station and the site management system require:

  • a communication medium with a permanent or non-permanent connection, such as a switched telephone network (STN), the GPRS or other
  • a communication protocol (HNZ, CEI 60870 or other).

Type of information exchanged:

  • Double remote commands/double remote signals (TCD/TSD)
  • Remote meter information (TIC)
  • Remote setpoint value (TVC)
  • Remote analogue measurements (TMA)
  • Remote simple signals (TSS)


  • Configuration and settings through an onboard web server
  • USB connection for configuring the box without any other power source than the PC
  • Integrated holder (shelf) for a laptop computer.
  • Compatible with insular electrical systems


  • Decentralised production
  • Renewable energy sources

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