Sustainable Innovation


High technology combined with social responsibility creates sustainable performance in CAHORS products.

Eco-design: Inventing products with a sustainable future

Offering innovative products that stand the test of time means taking into account a new product’s social and environmental impacts in the design stage. This is reflected in the expertise of CAHORS R&D departments. 

Once clear, the feedback from simplified lifecycle analyses helps refine design decisions and determine all the significant environmental aspects. 

Qualification of our products 

All of our products have been laboratory tested, approved and certified according to their technical characteristics and criticality. For this testing, CAHORS uses COFRAC-certified laboratories with technical accreditations in line with the group’s areas of expertise.

CAHORS also uses a network of qualified service providers that offer additional technical testing and confirm the compliance and durability of CAHORS equipment before it goes to market.

End of life

Eco-design helps CAHORS better prepare for the end of life of their products, either through early disassembly or through the establishment of effective processing/conversion methods.