10-36 kV Oil filled transformers


10-36 kV Oil filled transformers.

Main characteristics

CAHORS designs and manufactures oil filled transformers standard products:

  • S11 type 10 kV and S13 type 10 kV oil filled non-excitation regulating and distribution transformers
  • IEC products with insulation class from 7.2 to 36 kV

Eco transformers can be provided: Transformers with vegetable oil, local and biodegradable alternative to mineral hydrocarbon oil, providing excellent dielectric characteristics. They meet the protection requirements of groundwater and environmentally sensitive and protected sites.

CAHORS also proposes a full range of transformers with on-load tap changer which fit perfectly to customers and manufactures’ needs.

  • From 10 kV to 35 kV
  • Rated secondary voltages : from 400 to 433 V Specific developments are available on request


  • Size of the oil filled transformer has been optimized for better integration in power substations.
  • Good short circuit withstand performance
  • Full vacuum greasing
  • 100 % fluorescent leakage test approach is used in the oil filled transformer tank manufacturing process to guarantee no leakage point.


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