The Group


CAHORS, an international group specialised in the development of energy distribution networks and telecommunication networks. 

Network solutions for driving the energy transition

Wherever networks are built and evolving and where energy needs are expanding, both in developed countries and in emerging countries, the CAHORS Group’s challenge is to connect energy to people. The group’s teams work as close as possible to projects and decision-makers to support development and to design and propose technical and technological solutions tailored to every need. 

The first energy: human energy

Backed by solid experience, CAHORS teams implement synergies within the group to develop and produce specific solutions addressing the needs of all its customers.

Our equipment is designed and researched by R&D services based on the standards of each country and helps manage your network for optimal efficiency.
CAHORS state-of-the-art production sites manufacture high-quality products according to your specifications.

Finally, CAHORS sales teams, working most closely with customers, support and advise you in putting together your files in order to offer you the most suitable solution. CAHORS is a preferred partner for Connecting Energy to People.

Additional industrial business areas

The CAHORS Group’s business areas meet all basic and global needs in terms of access to energy.

Founded on a synergy of skills, expertise, and industrial resources (electrical engineering, metallurgy, composite moulding, and electronics), CAHORS offers global solutions and equipment tailored to the specifics of public and private medium- and low-voltage electricity distribution networks, from the transformer substation to electricity distribution in homes. 

CAHORS designs, produces, and markets solutions and equipment for water and gas distribution networks and for communication networks. 

Expertise and Innovation: the company’s specialisation

Designing new solutions for better network security, optimising facility efficiency for better consumption, and being more environmentally friendly.

For more than 100 years, CAHORS has been a key player in managing and developing global electricity networks and has been involved in deploying Smart Grids for 30 years. The group spearheads innovation and the development of new products and is committed to the energy transition.

CAHORS spearheads innovation and the development of new products and is committed to the energy transition and digital for all.

Key Figures

  • Creation: 1910
  • 2016 Revenues: €230 million
  • 1750 employees
  • 10 production sites 
  • 6% of revenues invested in R&D