Charging terminal – Car parks and corporate fleets


Charging terminal – Car parks and corporate fleets

Charging terminals for privately owned premises for car parks and corporate fleets.

Main Features

For privately owned premises without public access, charging terminals must be provided for charging by company employees and visitors (customers and suppliers) and to accommodate corporate fleets:

  • Charging by employees and visitors: charging at the workplace, during working hours (daytime).
  • Charging of corporate fleets: preferably, night charging and day charging by exception.

With 4 years of experience in electric vehicle charging infrastructures (EVCIs), CAHORS has researched, developed and optimised multiple ranges of equipment that broadly serve as solutions for company car parks.

BOXEO AC charging boxes:  This wallbox can charge electrical or hybrid cars up to 22 kW AC. It can operate in isolation or clustered, with or without charging level control.

BOXEO DC charging boxes: BOXEO 25kW terminal can quickly charge DC vehicules in mode 4 (150km in 1h).

ACCESS charging terminals: charging boxes can charge two electric and/or rechargeable hybrid vehicles at the same time. ACCESS charging terminals are available only in 7 and 22 kW. Available with or without a touch screen.

CITY charging terminal: 
Comparable to the features and configurations of ACCESS charging terminals. 
With two meter access windows for access to the sockets, the CITY terminal can accommodate an attached, protected cable fixed to the terminal. The standard 22 kW configuration with a touch screen is available for this 7 kW market segment, with or without a touch screen.


Able to create charging stations for corporate use: option to “mix” different product ranges in the same station.
Ex.: 2 charging boxes BOXEO AC and one charging box BOXEO DC for charging vehicles in the corporate fleet; 1 ACCESS terminal and 1 CITY terminal for employee and visitor charging.

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