Communication Interface (Renewable Energy Production) - Ivision TSTC


Communication Interface (Renewable Energy Production) - Ivision TSTC

Installed in MV supply substations, the IVision TSTC is the communication interface between the production facility and the SCADA through the DEIE.

Main charasteristics

For the massive development of decentralised production, the exchange device (DEIE), paired with an IVision TSTC device, is required by Enedis for optimising production on the HVA network. IVision TSTC receives remote commands, also called TC, such as authorisations, instructions and requests related to the operation of the distribution network, and translates them so that the unit can respond accordingly. The production unit communicates its states by means of remote signals, more commonly called TS, which allow the site to be seen remotely.

The machine complies with ERDF-NOI-RES_14E V3 regulations.

Through quick and reliable exchanges, the DEIE and IVision TSTC offer Enedis and the manufacturer the ability to optimise the management of coupling authorisations, decoupling requests and power limitation requests in incident or work situations.


  • MODBUS remote commands and remote monitoring
  • Compact solution with the ability to integrate into a 375 mm MV unit box
  • Nestable in a GTC with an available exchange table
  • Scalable facilities, relay TSTC to IVision TSTC
  • Adaptability of a consumer connection to a consumer/manufacturer combination
  • Productivity in factory acceptance by DEIE simulator tester
  • Simple design with a reduced number of components.


  • Decentralised energy producer
  • Producer supply substation
  • Producer of renewable energy
  • Hydraulic unit
  • Solar unit
  • Wind unit

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