NAUVASOL Compact Step-Up Transformer Substation


NAUVASOL Compact Step-Up Transformer Substation

Step-up substations designed for renewable energy applications (co-generation, hydraulics, biomass, wind and solar) and energy storage. Connected by antenna, lead-through or cut-off from a private MV network, these substations are used to convert and distribute produced energy and to protect operations and the network.

Main characteristics

CCV concrete enclosure comprising:

  • 400 to 1000 kVA step-up transformers equipped with an integrated breaker protection function
  • LV main distribution board
  • NOGARIS fully insulated compact MV units (2 incoming switch units per substation): lead-through or antenna
  • Direct supply to the transformer: cut-off
  • Optional substation automations (monitoring systems, remote management systems)
  • MV network management equipment: fault detection
  • Auxiliary substation power devices: 48 or 24 Vdc backup source, dry LV/LV transformer
  • Substation accessories: substation lighting, safety accessories, etc.


  • Substation approved according to the requirements of C13-200 by an inspection body.
  • Sturdy substation: proven on-site manufacturing process certified by the energy distributor.
  • Compact substation: can be manoeuvred and operated from the outside with separate access for medium voltage and low voltage.
  • No administrative formalities: its surface and height make it exempt from requiring a building permit.
  • Integrated breaker protection function
  • Operating safety: internal arc resistance (class IAC AB)


  • Renewable energy

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