Peripheral Equipment for a LINKY® Concentrator


CAHORS offers equipment tailored to each situation for the installation of the data concentrator in underground or overhead network infrastructures.

Main Features

For public distribution MV/LV substations in a cabin or masonry, the data concentrator is installed on a board or in a box for compact workstations. The LV network connection is made using the power supply kit. 
From overhead substations, the concentrator is installed in a board-equipped box. This box is mounted to a LV network, preferably near the MV/LV substation.
Power is supplied through overhead connections.
CAHORS offers special equipment for an underground network concentrator or for cold regions.


  • Diversity of solutions
  • Adaptable to all configurations
  • Simplified implementation


  • All MV/LV network structures
  • Urban and rural

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