Water meter boxes - Compozit®


Water meter boxes - Compozit®

Water meter boxes connecting customers to the drinking water distribution network: integrates cut-out, metering, smart metering and check valve functions.

Main characteristics

Water meter boxes made of composite materials, suitable for connection with DN15 and DN20 inline meters. This equipment is "Ready to fit". 
Perfectly fitted to all networks and geographical areas, the range offers:

  • Various depths 
  • 2 thermal insulation levels
  • 2 stop mechanical resistance levels
  • Reversible stop form
  • Factory customisation to ensure compatibility with most hydraulic parts
  • Adapted hydraulic accessories
  • Pre-equipped, multi-meter solutions


  • Light, can be handled by one person
  • Easy to install
  • 4 depth options to ensure perfect network compatibility
  • Other depths on request
  • Suitable for most hydraulic installations
  • Adjustable and tilting cover
  • Reversible stops to ensure perfect integration on site
  • Multi-meter solution options (see Multi-meter range)


  • Residential connection
  • Collective connection
  • Private sector installation
  • Public sector installation

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