Series Active Filter


Device for independent electric energy producers preventing the attenuation of pricing control signals sent by the distributor at HVB/HVA source stations.

Main characteristics

  • Sealed vacuum filling tank
  • PCB-free liquid dielectric
  • Available in a vegetable oil version (natural ester)
  • ONAN cooling mode
  • Copper and aluminium coils, depending on the power
  • Crystal-oriented iron-silicon sheet magnetic circuit
  • Power: 13, 20, 30MVA
  • Rated voltage: 15 or 20 kV
  • Adapted for pricing control signals of a frequency between 167 and 217 Hz
  • Option: integration of a 40kVA (TSA) transformer to supply station auxiliary equipment


  • Maintenance free
  • No drift over time unlike a passive filter ("trap" circuit)
  • Reliability (insensitivity to short-circuit currents that may appear in line)
  • Low loss


  • Cogeneration
  • Wind farm

Each autonomous electrical energy producer is subject to an agreement to connect to the distributor network, obliging the latter to make sure that it does not cause the attenuation of pricing control signals.

The solution to obtain this objective is the Series Active Filter.

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