Collective residential housing


Collective residential housing

Charging solutions for privately owned premises without public access for collective residential housing.

Main characteristics

For collective residential housing charging solutions, two product approaches are already necessary:

  • Indoor car parks: wall mounted boxes
  • Outdoor car parks: usually, a terminal solution attached to the floor

In collective residential housing, there are two possible architectures: 

  • Individual charging: a charging solution in your own parking spot
  • “Shared” charging: “x” equipped spots for “y” users of electric vehicles

BOXEO AC charging boxes:  this wallbox can charge electrical or hybrid up to 22 kW. It can operate in isolation or clustered, with or without charging level control.

Special features of BOXEO AC boxes: DC Leakage detection : only DDR type A circuit-breaker needed.

ACCESS charging terminal: it can charge two electric and/or rechargeable hybrid vehicles at the same time. ACCESS charging terminals are available only in 7 and 22 kW. Available with or without a touch screen.


  • Able to create various types of charging stations: indoor/outdoor, shared or individual
  • No limitation in the number of charging points
  • Adaptable solution based on the client’s constraints and requirements

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