Industrial means and Capacity


With more than 100 years of experience, CAHORS has significant industrial resources and a large production capacity.

Business synergy and transformation of materials serving the development.

R&D and innovation

Each year, CAHORS devotes 6% of its revenues to research and development and innovates in the development of smart grids. The R&D offices have more than 140 engineers and technicians dedicated to the design and deployment of new solutions and equipment. To meet new energy distribution and telecommunication networks needs.

CAHORS has certified laboratories for quality control, where tests are performed to ensure the reliability and optimal life of our products.

Electronics as a development engine

  • Manufacturing of electronic boards
  • Component assembly
  • Tests and quality controls

Laboratories serving development

Low Voltage equipment:

  • COFRAC-accredited laboratory No. 1-1616 COFRAC NF EN ISO 17025 since 2001
    • Programme 13: Testing of low voltage industrial devices
    • Programme 77-2: Fire behaviour test specific to the electrical equipment domain
  • Waterproof/dustproof test
  • Mechanical tests: traction, bending, compression, impact, endurance, adherence, abrasion, yield of screwed assemblies, etc.
  • Material tests: thermomechanical, fire resistance, climatic, UV performance, salt spray and other tests
  • Electrical tests: heating, thermal cycles, electrical ageing, industrial frequency dielectric, shock wave dielectric, resistance to short-circuit currents

Medium Voltage equipment:

  • Voltage injection platform, current, frequency, reactive compensation.
  • Measurement of transformation ratio, check of phase difference, overheating, loss levels when charged and empty, impedance, partial discharge levels, dielectric, lightning wave tests, etc.
  • Semi-anechoic chamber to measure and determine the noise level.

Expert in the formulation of SMC and moulding of thermoplastic and thermosetting materials

  • 50 years of experience formulating and manufacturing SMC
  • 2 specialized sites
  • 6,500 tonnes/ year

Compression moulding: Pioneer in moulding. First box produced in 1967! 

  • 4 production sites  
  • a fleet of 40 presses ranging from 50 to 1,500 tonnes.
  • 2 machining centres for customisation
  • an automated paint line to paint the SMC
  • 4 million boxes produced per year.

Injection moulding:

42 presses ranging from 50 to 1,000 tonnes

Manufacture of epoxy components for MV solutions:

  • An automated epoxy resin preparation and dosing installation
  • 3 presses for the moulding of epoxy parts
  • Dielectric test and helium leak test station
  • DSC test machine: crosslinking rate – glass transition

Manufacture of connector parts:

  • 29 mechanical presses ranging from 10 to 130 tonnes
  • 9 automated conveyor lines
  • 1 machining centre
  • 2 electrolytic surface treatment lines: tin plating on copper, tin plating on aluminium, galvanising of steels

Expert in the development and manufacture of Medium Voltage solutions

Transformers: 4 production sites up to 5MVA

  • Sheet metal work: laser cutting, digital stamping, bending, welding
  • Surface treatment and powder painting: automated lines
  • Cutting of electrical plates: 7 cutting/stacking machines
  • Strip/flat LV winding: 10 revolutions
  • HV winding: 24 revolutions
  • Dielectric oil testing and filtering stations
  • Electrical testing platform, acoustic chamber

MV device: 1 production site

  • Assembly and testing of MV units up to 36 kV
  • SF6 Isobar filling machine

HV/LV substations: 2 production sites for concrete substations/metallic substations 

Effective production tools to ensure the quality, reliability, and sustainability of our solutions.

Production sites

Low voltage activity:

4 production sites


Medium voltage activity:

6 production sites


TV-telecom activity:

5 production sites


Electronics activity:

2 production sites