Water & gas

Solutions and equipment for water and gas connecting, distributing and metering 

Boxes and enclosures, underground modules, and complete solutions for water and gas connecting, distributing and metering.

For many years, CAHORS has supported the modernisation of the distribution and connection of water and gas, from networks to the inside of collective and individual homes, offering the most useful solutions.

Water and gas are essential energies whose consumption is expected to increase substantially in the 21st century. With its technological expertise, CAHORS distributes and connects water and gas and deploys a wide range of equipment to better protect these essential resources and increasing their availability. CAHORS uses its technical expertise, its industrial tool, and its sales teams to offer you the solution that best suits your specifications: boxes, terminals, inspection chambers, and underground modules that blend into the local rural or urban surrounding, in any geographical context.

With our recognized expertise in electronics, CAHORS also offers remote reporting and reading solutions to securely transfer data to remote sites, thereby reducing operating costs and increasing the accuracy of data consumption readings. CAHORS' fluid networks: designed for a lifetime of efficiency & sufficiency

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