CAHORS Services: facility diagnosis, maintenance plan, training (technical, products, consulting, etc.), and recycling. 

Complete Services assistance tailored to your needs

CAHORS offers a range of tailored services to help you, from designing your project to installing and monitoring it. As true partners, our technical and sales teams work alongside you in your projects. 

Ensuring service continuity

CAHORS Services addresses your issues and needs through its factories, sales offices, and technical teams in all regions, located near customers.

CAHORS partners with your medium voltage electrical facilities and provides you with an equipment diagnosis, a corrective and preventive maintenance plan, troubleshooting, training (products, technical) for your teams, after-sales service, and end-of-life recycling. Complete and efficient service to keep your facilities up and running.

The charging infrastructures and medium voltage assistance and commissioning teams deliver quick service to ensure service continuity.

CAHORS also provides EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) services tailored to your needs and your specifications.

At all levels of your project, our teams are here to help you build and maintain your facilities.

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