Conventional cabin transformer


Conventional cabin transformer

Conventional cabin transformers for underground networks, adapted to applications for the tertiary and industry sector.

Main characteristics

The cabin transformer for underground networks can transform the HVA voltage level of the low voltage (MV/LV) distribution network.

  • Sealed vacuum filling tank
  • PCB-free liquid dielectric
  • Available in a vegetable oil version (natural ester)
  • ONAN cooling mode
  • Copper and aluminium coils, depending on the power
  • Crystal-oriented iron-silicon sheet magnetic circuit
  • Power: from 50 kVA to 6300 kVA
  • Frequency: 50 Hz, 60 Hz on request (high power transformers)
  • Primary rated voltage: from 5 to 35 kV with +/- 2.5% +/- 5% adjustment per switch with a live controllable handle (option for dual voltage device, MV/MV, contact us).
  • Secondary rated voltage: 410 V (other voltage, contact us); Case of MV/MV devices, from 400 V to 1000 V for I<5000 A, from 3 kV to 20 kV for high power.


  • No maintenance in normal service condition
  • High thermal inertia to withstand load cycles with power variations. Standard losses, reduced or compliant with the specifications requested by the customer


  • Health sectors
  • Prisons
  • Shopping centres
  • Hotels/restaurants
  • Administrative buildings
  • Educational and cultural buildings
  • Port zones
  • Industries
  • Data centres
  • Other specific applications

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