Homopolar generator


Homopolar generator

Homopolar generator to ground a neutral through high impedance.

Main characteristics

The homopolar generator can be used to create an impedance neutral on an electrical network that does not have one, and to ground this network through this impedance.

  • Generators for interior installation
  • Sealed vacuum filling tank
  • Available in a vegetable oil version (natural ester)
  • ONAN cooling mode
  • Copper coil
  • Crystal-oriented iron-silicon sheet magnetic circuit
  • Power: from 40 to 80 kVAR
  • MV rated voltage: from 5 to 20 kV
  • Permanent amperage: from 3 to 5 A
  • Permissible fault current amperage: 15 to 50 A
  • Permissible fault duration: 3 or 5 seconds


  • Requires no maintenance or servicing


  • Health sectors f
  • Prisons
  • Shopping centres
  • Hotels/restaurants
  • Administrative buildings
  • Educational and cultural buildings
  • Port zones
  • Industries
  • Data centres
  • Other specific applications

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