Remote Management Solution for Decentralised MV Facilities


Remote Management Solution for Decentralised MV Facilities

IVISION TG remote management system for your remote technical management of decentralised medium voltage facilities.

Main characteristics

Experience the CAHORS different in remote management for decentralised sites, such as renewable energy production facilities:

  • Cost effective way to avoid operating and production losses
  • Remote action and information
  • Quick analysis of the situation for the facility to be restored to service
  • Compliance and monitoring of contractual obligations with the energy distributor
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance management

The IVISION TG remote management system is the must-have solution for remote management and control:

  • Real-time graphical view of MV facilities with animated summaries
  • Remote control of motorised units
  • Local communication with protection relays (recovery of triggering data and measurements), with IControl-E (DEIE) and IVision TSTC (recovery of situational information)
  • Remote communication via email and/or SMS, including recipient settings (alarms)
  • Historical time-stamping and archiving (data, events and status changes)


  • Responsiveness via real time alerts and remote triggers
  • Easy access with a simple Internet and/or GSM connection
  • Efficient service with remote action for some controls
  • Automatic remote control
  • Device manufacturer management


  • MV private distribution
  • Isolated and sensitive sites
  • Tertiary and residential
  • Renewable energy production
  • Water/waste-water treatment
  • Agri-food sector
  • Mining sector
  • Healthcare institutions

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