Gas distribution network connection boxes


Gas distribution network connection boxes

Boxes designed to connect subscribers to the gas distribution network and to integrate cut-off, pressure reduction and metering functions.

Main characteristics

Made of composite materials:

  • IP43 in accordance with NFEN60529
  • IK10 in accordance with NFEN62262

Suitable for connections equipped with:

  • isolation taps, size 15 to 32
  • pressure reducers from 6 to 65 m3/hr
  • G4, G6 or G10 meters

Compliance with GrDF specifications in force.
GrDF usage authorisation.
Installation on wall or on pedestal depending on models, at the property boundary.
Easy maintenance and meter reading.
Ready to connect (with gas equipment installed) or to fit.


  • Light
  • Resistance to impacts
  • Resistance to chemical agents, common solvents and UV
  • Ready to connect or to fit
  • Easily accessible and easy maintenance and meter reading
  • Unitary tightness test for all equipped boxes
  • GrDF usage authorisation


  • Individual connection
  • Collective connection
  • Private sector installation
  • Public sector installation


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