Electric Vehicle Charging Systems


As a leader in network development and innovation, CAHORS is a pioneer when it comes to SMARTGRID solutions. CAHORS fully designs, develops and manages your electromobility projects.

With its expertise in SMARTGRID solutions, CAHORS offers a large and innovative range of charging terminals for electric vehicles. With a modular design, CAHORS charging terminals offer a multitude of options that can be configured on demand: power, outlet type, fleet monitoring and access control.

Their integrated storage solution can be implemented during the project design stage or later, thereby adapting to market needs. CAHORS supports you through the design of your project, from the definition of your needs and the development of a customised electromobility solution to installation and after-sales service. With locations across the whole territory, CAHORS is highly responsive and values performance in their customer service. 

Our Electric Vehicle Charging Systems solutions

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