Medium Voltage Assistance


Technical support when defining customer projects, help implementing equipment, help monitoring installations.

CAHORS Services helps its customers throughout the life cycle of their electrical installation, from the project definition phase to the commissioning phase

Technical consulting and guidance for project definition

Knowledge of the equipment and its environment allows us to be proactive and to pre-empt malfunctions likely to crop up in your applications.

The CAHORS Group proposes solutions in line with your requirements:

  • Using our remote management system, we gather data relating to decentralised energy production, performance and maintenance by immediately intervening to ensure the installation continues to function correctly,
  • By implementing a manufacturer's preventive maintenance contract, we anticipate faults and improve the reliability of energy supply

Assistance with the commissioning of MV/LV substations

Installation and troubleshooting expertise:

  • Drawing up a personalised inventory
  • Recommendation of improvement solutions
  • Drawing up an estimate
  • Scheduling maintenance 
  • Ensuring availability of spare parts and components
  • Troubleshooting of your installation by our team

Optimisation solution definition

CAHORS Services is an expert in maintenance engineering and helps its customers with technical issues to guarantee the performance and service continuity of their installation.

CAHORS Service Contact

N°INDIGO 0820 205 107

24/24, 7/7