Medium Voltage load break switch-disconnectors 12-24 kV - Grany


Medium Voltage load break switch-disconnectors 12-24 kV - Grany

MV load break switches/disconnectors designed for board manufacturers.  Easy making of Air Insulated Switchgear (AIS) modular distribution units, up to 24 kV.

Main characteristics

GRANY switches/disconnectors are used for the production of very compact medium voltage cut-off devices in SF6. They consist of a moulded enclosure of epoxy resin, permanently sealed and filled with SF6.

Movable contacts are triggered by manoeuvred mechanisms or mechanical energy reserves for a control manoeuvre.

These switches are motorised and can design a wide variety of MV device functions in order to meet various needs in your applications.

  • Nominal voltage: 5.5 kV to 24 kV
  • Dielectric resistance voltage: 50 kV (insulation)/60 kV (disconnection)
  • Shock resistance voltage: 125 kV (insulation)/145 kV (disconnection)
  • Nominal heat current: 630 A
  • Nominal breaking capacity: 12.5/16/20 kA
  • Nominal admissible short-term current: 12.5/16/20 kA
  • Closing power: 31.5/40/50 kA
  • Operating temperature: - 25°C + 50 °C


  • Compact solution
  • Very short breaking time (patented system: magnetic blow-out)
  • Extended life, permanently sealed system
  • Maintenance free active parts
  • Operating safety
  • Very low breaking overvoltage level
  • Improved mechanical and electrical endurance


  • Solutions for HTA and medium voltage board manufacturers
  • Solutions for medium voltage electrical cabinet designers
  • Solutions for manufacturers of medium voltage machines and devices
  • MV electrical device market

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