MV grid Mini-SCADA - IVision-SC


MV grid Mini-SCADA - IVision-SC

Mini-SCADA providing the remote monitoring and remote operation of electricity distributors from their MV network for the purpose of improving the quality of electrical services.

Main characteristics

In operation, IVision-SC provides remote monitoring and remote operation for products on the MV network with its management capabilities: alarms and events, remote control, and time synchronisation.

IVision-SC can support multiple continuous and semi-continuous communication methods, including RTC, Radio, GSM-GPRS, LS, Ethernet and more.

Communication protocols: Modbus, CEI-870, DNP3 and more.

IVision-SC is preconfigured for CAHORS MV network management products (underground and overhead switches, fault passage indicator, etc.).

IVision-SC includes a configurer that can generate an application automatically.

The configurer is an easy-to-use tool that can quickly begin the remote monitoring and remote operation of an electrical network, using CAHORS applications.


  • Easy-to-use tool for the simple implementation of a system for the remote monitoring and remote operation of a MV network
  • Integrated configurer for generating the application very quickly, thereby reducing installation, training and maintenance times
  • Maximum electrical service quality


  • Public distribution network
  • Private network (industrial, renewable energy, etc.)

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