CAHORS develops new MV and LV BIM objects


Considering the increasing market demand for BIM Objects, and in order to help our customers in designing their construction projects, CAHORS developed several ranges of low voltage and medium voltage BIM OBJECTS.

What is a BIM object?

A Building Information Modeling (BIM) object is a 3D digital model that enables the building digital transformation. These objects, widely used by design offices and architects, make it possible to professionalize the technical approach of a construction project as well as to facilitate exchanges between project management and project manager.

BIM objects developed by CAHORS

CAHORS BIM objects avec developed in Revit format.

LV BIM objects:

  • Electrical column for collective equipment – distributor
  • Electrical riser boxes – SPCM
  • SME metering set
  • C100/P100 Power box
  • ECP – 2D (C400/P200) Power box
  • ECP – 3D Power box
  • Individual CIBE Electrical connection box
  • Connection set in a REMMO modular distribution cabinet
  • CITY  electric vehicle charging terminal

MV BIM objects:

  • Air insulated medium voltage switchgears 12 to 36 kV – Grany
  • Fully gas insulated extendable compact MV distribution units 24kV- Nogaris
  • Liquid dielectric transformer
  • Encapsulated dry-type transformer.


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