Boxes and cabinets

Polyester and aluminium enclosures suitable for any type of application: electricity, telecommunications, water and gas. 

CAHORS, specialised in SMC composite material.

Since the 1970s, the company has incorporated the glass fibre reinforced polyester composite material SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound) into the manufacturing of its products, including for its ranges of cabinets, boxes and housings.

The manufacturing of the composite material involves controlling the chemical composition, the production of the SMC and the hot compression processing. Non-corrosive and resistant to heat, SMC offers excellent resistance to the outdoors (UV, humidity, ozone, oxidation, pollution and corrosion). Glass fibre reinforced, SMC has a high resistance to mechanical shocks. It is torsion-resistant and can withstand impacts of 20 joules and crack propagation.

With a lifetime of more than 40 years, SMC is a prime material for ensuring the operation of network equipment and for providing long-term protection of people and property. 6000 tonnes of SMC material produced per year

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