Charging stations retrofitting


Through their hardware and software retrofitting services, CAHORS maintains your facilities with the best available technologies and helps you improve the technical uptime of your facilities.

Software: development, security and usability (SOFTWARE)

CAHORS studies your needs and recommends a software development implementation that offers secure performance in terms of:

  • the customer experience 
  • bug fixes

And provides support with changes (monitoring changes, payment methods, etc.).

Optimised customer experience

End user satisfaction is a priority in the vehicle recharging business. Our customer-facing software features:

  • improved usability
  • quick setup
  • multilingual interface

Development of the power distribution architecture (HARDWARE)

CAHORS analyses your needs and suggests a replacement for the components of the power chain:

  • increase in delivered power
  • upgrade to better technologies: power supply, etc.

Quality and expertise

All of these developments are made while ensuring the compliance of the devices with EC regulations.

CAHORS Services

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