New catalogue "Fittings for insulated overhead networks"


The "Fittings for insulated overhead networks" new documentation, dedicated to low voltage networks has just been published. 

Bundled conductors are of high technical and economic interest. They provide reliable and secure technical solutions, reduced installation costs and easy maintenance.

Which type of installation to choose?

Wall-mounted and pole-mounted, the accesories are best suited for average-density areas or low-consumption areas:

  • Wall-mounted distribution lines: They are used in urban areas and are mounted on façade walls in a succession of horizontal and vertical alignments of the bundled cable. As an alternative to this type of installation, conductors attached to a pre-existing conductor are frequently used.
  • Stretched distribution lines mounted on supports: best suited for rural or low-density areas, the suspension or anchoring elements are attached by hanging the bundle to concrete, metal or wood supports.
  • Service lines: Bundles can be either fastened or stretched. Anchoring is performed with conical-wedge clamps.