Switching to 5G and the 700 MHz band


Following to the deployment of the 5G, CAHORS provides antennas for filtering the 5G band.

According to the NAV report, the exchanged data volume increased 18 times over the last 5 years. In 2016, 7.2 exabytes were traded each month worldwide, a 63% increase compared with 2015. A 7-fold increase is expected in this data over the next five years.

The overload of these data leads to interference because of the use of same frequencies, which are used for their wide coverage and their good propagation especially through buildings.

To cope with, the 700 MHz band will be gradually used throughout the country for mobile high-speed broadband.

CAHORS offers a range of antennas equipped with a dipole for filtering the 5G band.

Products advantages :

  • Cahors antennas are compatible with the 4G as well as the 5G and can be used now.
  • Quick installation thanks to “Clic-Clac assembly”.


Retrofitting schedule



HD DTT currently uses the 470-790 MHz frequency range (channels 21-60). In July 2019, the entire 700 MHz band will have been transferred to the mobile telephony sector (5G). Television will use the frequency band 470-694MHz (channels 21-48). .


In order to avoid any reception problem following the deployment of the 5G, equip yourself from now with Cahors’ adapted solutions (terrestrial antennas, preamplifiers, filters and rejectors...)