Communicating measurement or metering box


Communicating measurement or metering box

Provides surveillance and monitoring of an overhead substation. The boxes consist of a pole-mounted transformer and a protective device (fuse-protected panel or circuit breaker).

Main features

The pole-top measurement or metering box gives LV distribution network operators the ability to access the following information remotely :

  • Mean value load curve over amounts U, I, P, cosϕ
  • Recording and time-stamping of maximums and averages over U,I (maximum demand indicator function) and P
  • Monitoring of voltage thresholds and local transformer balancing
  • Monitoring of loads and load totals on the transformer
  • Metering function (with a daily total of active and reactive energy)
  • Detection of supply interruptions
  • Alarms (on disconnection, on exceeding the threshold, and more))
  • Communication of alarms or data (GSM module, GPRS, Ethernet link)

The most common make-up of the measurement and metering box:

  • Polyester composite enclosure boxes, whose dimensions and shapes vary according to the choice of the measurement device and the user’s expressed needs,
  • 1 pole mounting bracket,
  • 1 measurement or metering unit (or standby board with a terminal),
  • 1 communication module using GSM/GPRS,
  • 1 set of current-voltage sensors for external application,
  • 1 sensor connecting beam of a defined length

This equipment can be prepared and configured in various ways :

  • With a pre-connected measurement or metering device that has been factory programmed and calibrated to create a device ready to be installed and commissioned
  • Without measuring equipment to let the user manage the supply to measurement and metering devices separately.

3 versions are available:

  • Monitoring box without measuring or metering equipment (with standby U and I links)
  • Monitoring box with a multi-functional measurement unit
  • Monitoring box pre-equipped with a three-phase meter


  • Configurable solution according to the customer’s specifications.


  • Rural Environments

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