High Definition Satellite Receivers


Receives satellite television channels

Main Characteristics

CAHORS designs, develops, and manufactures satellite digital terminals for receiving clear or encrypted television channels.

Our products are all High Definition compatible and offer advanced multimedia functionality:

  • Multimedia content management via USB port
  • PVR Ready to save your favourite content
  • Time-Shifting to pause live television

A terminal for every need:

  • TEOX/VEOX range: for receiving TNT satellite channels via TNTSAT and FRANSAT. These new generation products offer better performance, combining a streamlined design and a high quality user interface.
  • FTA (Free to Air) receiver range for receiving free-to-air channels distributed on any satellite (French and foreign channels)

All CAHORS products feature the latest technologies and streamlined designs for the best user experiences, offering the best of satellite with our product range.

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  • High definite products
  • CAM FRANSAT for a direct integration with compatible TVs
  • Streamlined design
  • High performance technology


  • Residential homes
  • Communities

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