Data concentrator units for PLC smart meters


Data concentrator units used to interrogate meters, to process and store the information it receives, and to send this data to a centralised Information System.

Installed on the LV side of the MV/LV distribution substations, the hub is a powerful computerised unit, which primarily:

  • Centralises and processes meter data from a cluster of electric meters communicating via PLC (Power Line Communication)
  • Sends data collected to an IS (Information System) via GPRS
  • Sends remote handling requests from the IS to meters
  • Tracks LV distribution network voltages
  • Provides the interface with other devices (e.g. Fault Detectors)

CAHORS DCU are part of Enedis Linky® smart metering program.

Main characteristics

  • imensions 184 x 175 x 80 mm
  • Fastened using 3 screws or clipped to DIN rail
  • Protection ratings IP 51 / IK 07
  • 200 – 250 V AC three-phase supply
  • 2 Ethernet ports
  • USB extension
  • 4 dry contacts
  • Optional GSM / GPRS modem
  • CPL G1 or G3 protocol


  • Concentration and management of meter data
  • Compatible with all communication meters in PLC G1 or G3 (depending on hub version)
  • Communication gateway between the IS and the meters
  • Sending of secure data with certification and cryptographic mechanisms
  • Reduced meter reading costs
  • Compliance with European regulations in terms of electricity billing
  • 20-year service life


  • Distribution Grid Managers responsible for metering (France and International)
  • AMM (Advanced Meter Management) contracts from electricity suppliers

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