MV Loop Automation Solution - Ivision RB


MV Loop Automation Solution - Ivision RB

Automatic management and operating system for a structured open loop network with a strict service continuity constraint.

Main characteristics

As part of a structured open loop MV distribution network, the IVISION RB 2.0 system automatically insulated a fault occurring on a section and reconfigures the loop in order to re-establish power as quickly as possible.

This loop reconfigurer uses the following principles:

  • Fault passage indicator and location
  • Opening of the faulty branch of the loop
  • Fault isolation
  • Resupply of power to the healthy section

The IVISION RB 2.0 automatic loop reconfiguration system includes:

  • Motorised units (disconnecters, switches) at the start of a loop (supply substation) and satellite substations with or without a group
  • Protection relay for phase and zero sequence MV units (different adjustment thresholds depending on the status of the loop)
  • A monitoring set in one of the network substations or in a service room that can be accessed by the operators
  •  Selectivity studies ensuring the proper operation/adjustments of protections


  • Limited losses due to considerably reduced breaking time
  • Speed and performance with reconfiguration time of < 500 ms
  • Modular and scalable system using the IEC61850 protocol
  • Scalability with a decentralised solution
  • Cost-effective, no redundancy of FO, HSR technology
  • Robust and reliable automation technologies proposed
  • Productivity with a single point of acceptance (monitoring + HVA)


  • Service continuity at sensitive sites
  • Healthcare establishments
  • Household waste and water treatment
  • Military bases
  • Museums and universities
  • Transport infrastructures
  • Data centres, Tunnels

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