Metering panels


Metering panels accommodating the meter and single-phase or three-phase switch and its accessories.

Main Features

This panel accommodates the meter and the switch for connecting a single-phase customer whose subscribed power is less than 12 kVa or a three-phase customer whose subscribed power is less than 36 kVa. It supports a CBE or Linky meter.
It is usually installed inside of the housing in a Dwelling Service Duct. 
There is a single-phase, three-phase and integrated circuit breaker version. It also comes with 16 mm² copper meter/switch connection wires.


  • Time savings thanks to the IPXXB piercing connectors
  • Switch from a CBE - Linky meter without disconnecting cables or removing the switch
  • Ergonomic and attractive
  • Compact size
  • Consistency with the range


  • Collective housing
  • LV network
  • Individual connection 

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