Multi-meter valve boxes - Priméo® XL


The PRIMEO® XL multi-metering box is designed to ensure the protection and accessibility of valves, electrovalves and water meters.

Main characteristics

Made of high impact-resistant polypropylene.
Equipped with a projecting A15 cover with anti-slip edge and a locking screw.
Precut openings on each face to feed through pipes.
Cutting of additional access holes with handheld saw or hole saw.


  • Stop 538x371 mm 
  • Height 305mm
  • Internal dimensions 578(L)x410(W) mm


  • Insulated cover
  • Bottom equipped with mounting pads and holes for rail
  • 165 mm extension


  • Attractive and light
  • Stackable, optimised storage
  • Multi-purpose application
  • Cover insulation, bottom and extension optional
  • High impact-resistant material


  • Residential installations
  • Public sector installation
  • Gardens, green spaces
  • Sporting installations
  • Golf

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