MV Underground Switch Remote Control Interface - IControl-Tx


MV Underground Switch Remote Control Interface - IControl-Tx

MV underground Switch Remote Control Interface (ITI-PASA), ensuring optimal management (remote control and monitoring) of distribution networks.

Main characteristics

Combined with one or more motorised MV switch units, the Switch Remote Control Interface (IControl-Tx) offers:

  • Local or remote network reconfiguration
  • Network monitoring and remote reporting of MV faults, regardless of the neutral point connection
  • Automatic power source permutation (PASA function for double bypass powered substations)

The IControl-Tx is constructed in a modular fashion to meet the various needs of customers:

  • Controls up to 16 switch cells
  • Battery backup power
  • Adaptable power supply voltage
  • Communication protocols: IEC 101 / IEC 104 / DNP3 / MODBUS / HNZ, etc.
  • Communication media: RTC / GSM-GPRS / private radio network
  • Fault detection: amperometric or directional
  • Logging of dated events
  • Remote measurements
  • Integrated automation, such as PASA (automatic power source permutation) and ADA (automatic opening in voltage dips)


  • Optimised electricity distribution network management for improved service continuity
  • Compatibility with all market MV boards
  • All necessary functionality available for local or remote operation of MV structures with motorised switch units
  • Modular and compatible with all types of communication media and monitoring systems (SCADA)
  • Configuration and settings through an onboard web server


  • Public distribution network
  • Private network (industrial, renewable energy, etc.)

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