NOVA-M Prefabricated Metal Transformer Substation


Compact or walk-in HVA/LV metal substations designed to address all transformer substation applications for public or private distribution.

Main characteristics

NOVA-M prefabricated substations comply with the design standards for HVA/LV substations. They can be customised and configured according to facility constraints. Available as a compact or walk-in version.

  • Highest HVA voltage for the equipment: 36 kV
  • Transformer power: 100 to 630 kVA (compact substations) – 100 to 1250 kVA (walk-in substations)
  • HVA network incoming feeders: Antenna/lead-through (compact substations) - Antenna/lead-through/branching (walk-in substations)
  • Medium voltage board: 1 or 2 switch feeders + fuse switches (compact substations)/1 or 3 switch feeders + fuse switches (walk-in substations)
  • HVA network management: amperometric or directional fault detection/ITI
  • LV distribution: TUR IP2X or LV main distribution board as specified by the customer


  • Small and lightweight (4 times lighter than a concrete substation)
  • Natural rooftop ventilation (double skin option) limiting overheating due to sun exposure
  • Mobile version available: compact version installed on a trailer
  • IP 54 protection: limited dust protection in the substation
  • Quick and easy commissioning
  • Maintenance free: corrosion resistant (aluminium enclosure and galvanised frame)
  • Easy maintenance: damaged panel quickly and easily replaced in case of impact


  • Public distribution market
  • Private distribution market: Manufacturing, tertiary/residential, etc.

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