Perforation connectors


They are used to electrically connect LV overhead networks comprising insulated twisted cables.

Main characteristics

These connectors allow the bypass and connection of a LV overhead network comprising twisted insulated conductors to another network of the same type (service line, building grid, public lighting grid, etc.).

Connection is performed simultaneously on the main conductor and on the bypass using a hexagonal fuse head screw.


  • Compatible with copper or aluminium conductors
  • The bypass may be on the left side or the right side
  • Dielectric resistance in water greater than 6kV
  • Option to disassemble with a key (17 mm on flat sides)
  • Compliant with standards UNE 21 021 and NF C33 020
  • High resistance to weathering and UV
  • Easy installation


  • Public distribution of electrical energy
  • Public lighting
  • Infrastructure

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