“Splashworld Provence” is equipped with CAHORS medium voltage equipment

Context and customer requierement

Splashworld Provence Monteux sits on 5 hectares and features the Europe’s highest water slide, “La Tour Huricana Sliiide”, which measures in at 33 meters. The park, which is the result of a €30 million investment, is expected to open next year with 8,000 visitors per day and a total of 350,000 visits per year. CAHORS has been involved with the park since day one.

Through working in close collaboration with ENEDIS, the installer and local medium voltage sales teams, CAHORS was able to provide the best solution.

CAHORS solutions

Supplied Equipment

A total of 4 pre-manufactured substations were delivered:

  • 1 supply substation,
  • 3 transformer substation, with a total power of 3250 kVA.

Solution advantages

  • Responsiveness: less than one month between the first version of the quote and the order
  • Efficiency: Specifications and single-line diagrams completed very quickly by the plants
  • Availability of the sales teams at all times,
  • Accessibility of the production sites for specific questioning on concrete and transformers (800/20/690v).