Closures for a Draw-in boxes


Closures for a Draw-in boxes

CAHORS offers traps and frames for closing and securing access to drawing rooms.

Main Features

Closures made up of galvanised steel frames and ductile cast iron pads are designed for covering access chambers for dry networks. We offer two ranges:

  • ECO range
  • SECURE range with lock secured traps


  • Custom marking
  • Special handling key and screw for protection against tampering
  • Protective grid
  • Handling tools


  • Complies with EN 124
  • Resistant to B125, C250 or D400
  • Format L1 / L2 / L3
  • Corner frame (mechanically welded and heat galvanized)


  • Infrastructures
  • Operators
  • Developers
  • Public initiative networks

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