Customisation and Services


Customisation and Services

Customised services for polyester cabinets, boxes and housings: research, equipped solutions, machining, cutting, accessories and colouring.

Main characteristics

CAHORS tailors its product ranges to best meet the needs and particulars of its customers’ specifications:

  • Customised research: expertise, research methods and testing provided through your designated design office.
  • Customised solutions: CAHORS manufacturing resources offer fully wired, ready-to-install solutions.
  • Machining of boxes according to your plans: CAHORS enclosures are designed for any type of application and can be equipped with various equipment: running cables, ventilation system, equipment reception resources, etc. Our teams handle all of the machining needed for your applications.
  • Baseplate cutting (metal or polyester) based on your equipment mounting operations.
  • Accessories and equipment: equipment available for metering, protection, connection network bypasses, etc.
  • Enclosure colouring to better integrate into the surroundings. Bi-component acrylic polyurethane paint with very high mechanical and weather resistant (weather and ultraviolet radiation), ensuring a long life and minimal maintenance.


  • “On demand” configurations
  • Available industrial means, including for small-scale customisation
  • Integration of solutions and electrical equipment based on customer specifications


  • Public electrical energy distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Tertiary
  • Renewable energies

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