Local authorities and urban equipment

CAHORS network solutions (medium and low voltage, telecom networks) and urban equipment for communities 

For our elected officials and communities, the challenge for the next few years is to establish a global system of smart territories and cities. This includes, in addition to electricity, other energy carriers, equally so transport and other community services for citizens.

The deployment of Smart Grid technology is an opportunity for higher attainment in local energy objectives and the development of renewable energy at a lower cost, thereby reinforcing the appeal of the territories. Closer to customers and focused on individuals in order to build the lifestyles of tomorrow…

CAHORS is perfectly in line with this approach and can help you with its expertise in managing MV/LV electricity networks, likewise with a range of miscellaneous solutions, including electromobility, postal distribution, public lighting, and more.

CAHORS has over 100 years of experience in developing medium and low voltage electrical networks, and has spent nearly 30 years being involved in deploying smart grids.

Issues in energy transition facing local communities are of paramount importance to CAHORS, who deliver the solutions needed for optimising energy consumption (electricity, water, gas, etc.) in terms of public lighting and electromobility, thanks to its range of charging infrastructures for electrical vehicles, able to change from normal charging to quick charging.

CAHORS, with its traditional, connected postal distribution service is tailored to the needs of its local communities.

Diversified services tailored to the needs of local communities.

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