Insulated and modular water valve and meter boxes - Modulo


Insulated water valve boxes connecting customers to the drinking water distribution network: integrates cut-out, metering, smart metering and check valve functions.

Main characteristics

Made of glass reinforced polyester (GRP), the Modulo valve box is suitable for connection with DN15 and DN20 inline water meters. 
Perfectly fitted to all networks and geographical areas, the range offers:

  • Several heights (fixed or adjustable)
  • Complete insulation
  • Comprehensive hydraulic equipment (isolation tap + check valve with purges) DN15 (or DN20 on request) for 1 or 2 meters.
  • Tap downstream of meter on request
  • 3 stop mechanical resistance levels


  • Light, can be handled by one person
  • Insulation against freezing
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Several depths to ensure perfect network compatibility
  • Other depths on request
  • Solution with integrated hydraulic equipment for 1 or 2 meters
  • "Ready to connect" solution
  • Ground level adjustment (tilt levelling of cover and frame)
  • Customised  assemblies can be supplied on request


  • Residential connection
  • Collective connection
  • Private sector installation
  • Public sector installation

More information

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