Roadside Cabinets for Optic Fibre Subscriber Connections


CAHORS offers a range of SMC composite enclosures for deploying optic fibre networks.

Main Features

The range of MAXIPOL optic fibre cabinets is specially designed for connecting subscribers as part of a passive optic fibre network. Placed in non-sense areas or low-density pockets within dense areas, they serve as a zone sharing point. These cabinets with different capacities can accommodate distribution equipment for operators and customers. We offer 4 models of cabinets:

  • Size S capacity 14 U
  • Size M capacity 20 U
  • Size L capacity 26 U
  • Size XL capacity 2 x 26 U


  • Accessories available by request
  • Highly robust composite SMC material
  • Excellent durability
  • Very good heat insulation
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Available with a base


  • Infrastructures
  • Operators
  • Public initiative networks 

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The new catague "Fittings for insulated overhead networks" is now available.