Powerful solutions for distributing electricity, water, gas and information in individual and collective homes 

A change in lifestyle has encouraged urban living, as well as life in suburban and rural areas. Whether collective or individual, a home should be comfortable, secure and affordable for its tenant, as well as cost-effective and sustainable for its owner, while complying with the energy transition law that requires buildings to meet energy efficiency measures.

CAHORS is a major player in designing and manufacturing equipment for distributing and metering low voltage electricity, water and gas for collective and individual residential homes. CAHORS also has a wide range of low current and VDI (voice, data and images) distribution solutions: for pleasant living, where each room is part of life.

CAHORS: an expert in distribution networks for low voltage electricity and fluids. The distribution and management of electrical energy for individuals is a speciality of CAHORS. CAHORS has developed a set of dynamic solutions for your needs and your environment, including connection boxes, metering, distribution and protection, underground junctions, floor distributors and cabinets.

CAHORS is also involved in developing distribution networks for water and gas in rural and urban areas (boxes and underground modules). These modern systems blend in with the surrounding environment to suit your needs. Involved in the development of Smart Grids, CAHORS also sells fixtures for communication meters as well as a range of new VDI distribution solutions, including IPTV, copper networks and optical fibre.

Effective high current, low current, water and gas distribution systems for a reliable response to your issues.



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