Transport and infrastructure

Electricity distribution equipment for transport and transport infrastructures 

The globalisation of interaction, whether commercial or social, leads to a densification of transport infrastructures (railways, ports, airports, roads, etc.) in the context of efficient energy transfer.

The installation of efficient medium voltage electricity distribution equipment to supply transport infrastructures requires knowledge and expertise.

CAHORS helps create reliable and cost-effective transport solutions.

Our solutions Transport and infrastructure

With its expertise in electricity distribution networks, CAHORS provides cost-effective, reliable and sustainable electrical equipment for your transport infrastructures, in turn supporting economic growth and improving the quality of life in animated areas throughout the world. CAHORS helps you identify turnkey distribution or transformer substation solutions, from analysing your design needs to the on-site installation and after-sales service. By your side, CAHORS is your project partner.

Specialising in low voltage electricity for more than 100 years, CAHORS also offers a range of reliable and economic Public Lighting equipment. This equipment is designed to facilitate metering, and the control of standard and customised public lighting installations. Finally, with a firm commitment to Smart City development, CAHORS has developed a range of charging infrastructures for electric vehicles, tailored to each need, from normal charging to quick charging.

Recognised expertise steered towards sustainable and connected economic network solutions. 

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