Merger achievement between CAHORS and EPSYS

CAHORS Group, specialist in the development of energy and telecommunications distribution networks, and EPSYS, independent leader in the prefabricated concrete substations French market production, achieved their merger on 21 October 2019. 

New distribution energy key player

This association now enables the creation of a leading industrial player for medium and low voltage electrical equipment, for telecom connections, which meet the needs of electricity distribution, challenges of energy transition challenges, smart grids and digital transition.

EPSYS, which now becomes a CAHORS Group subsidiary, provides it with an additional integrated solutions activity. The complementarity of Epsys' activities, with those of Cahors Group’s companies, will enable this new entity to continue its development based on synergies.

Focus on the two compagnies

About Epsys

Independent industrial and commercial company, French leader in prefabricated medium voltage and telecom substations for applications in electricity distribution networks, renewable energy production, tertiary and industrial networks, fiber optic networks. With a turnover of € 66 M and 300 employees, Epsys has two industrial sites in France.

About Groupe CAHORS

French industrial group created in 1910, specialized in the equipment of energy and telecom networks, is an actor of the energy transition, the electric mobility and tomorrow smart grids. With a turnover of € 240 M including 35% of sales internationally and 1,700 employees, it produces on 5 industrial plants in France and 5 abroad (Spain, Morocco, India and China).