Social Responsibility


Sustainable innovation and responsible management are two pillars of the CAHORS Group’s social responsibility.

Anchoring the Global Compact

Based on the company’s adoption of the Global Compact in January 2013, and under the impetus of the generation contract signed in December 2013, CAHORS structured its social responsibility plan for all of the Group’s companies. It is based on common values and determines the individual rules and collective action principles, particularly with respect to all stakeholders.

Accounting for employees

The articulation of our social responsibility charter with the general contract guides employee actions around seven priorities, including the employment of young people and knowledge sharing between generations.

It is supplemented by a strong commitment to promoting occupational health and safety. A majority of our subsidiaries and production sites are now OHSAS 18001 certified.

Nine core human-centric values

  • Exemplarity
  • Loyalty
  • Personal respect
  • Protection of the collective interest
  • Compliance with legal obligations
  • Consideration of customers
  • Transparency and duty of disclosure
  • Constructive management of social dialogue
  • Economic efficiency